Motorcycle Reportedly Taken by Individual Claiming to be Policeman in Caloocan


Individual Pretending as Policeman Steals Motorcycle in Caloocan City A motorcycle was allegedly taken and pawned by an individual claiming to be a police officer in Caloocan City. When someone illegally takes another person’s stuff to permanently deprive them of it, it is considered theft, a serious criminal. It’s a crime with serious consequences for the … Read more

Policeman Arrests Childhood Friend for Selling Illegal Drug


Manila Market Worker Arrested by Childhood Friend Policeman for Alleged Drug Dealing MANILA – A brave policeman arrests his childhood friend working as ‘kargador’ for allegedly selling illegal drugs. A market worker suspected of proliferating drugs was apprehended by a childhood friend who works as a policeman. The arrest took place in Andres Bukid, where … Read more

Cop Sustains Injuries After Being Stabbed w/ Scissors by Thief


A cop sustained injuries to his arm after being stabbed with scissors by an alleged thief in Barangay San Bartolome, Quezon City. A 50-year-old woman immediately informed the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) after she spotted an individual on the roof with a bladed weapon. The suspect attempted to break in using a ten-inch pair of scissors.

Thief Apprehended on Rooftop, Policeman Stabbed w/ Scissors


Police Officer Sustains Injuries After Being Stabbed w/ Scissor by Alleged Thief A male thief stabbed a police officer with scissors after he was apprehended on the rooftop of a residence in Barangay San Bartolome, Quezon City. In the early hours of Monday (September 11, 2023), a police officer sustained injuries to his arm after … Read more

Policeman & Sibling Caught Extorting P500,000 From Chinese National


Authorities Arrest Policeman and Sibling After Caught Extorting P500,000 Cash From Chinese National A policeman and his sibling were arrested for attempting to extort P500,000 from a Chinese national at a hotel in Pasay. According to Pasay City Police Station, a Malaysian national, a friend of the victim, sought assistance after two men claiming to … Read more

Policeman Plays Chess w/ Inmate ‘No Walls Can Separate Us from Being a Chess Player’


Policeman Goes Viral for Playing Chess w/ Inmate Inside Jail Cell A policeman playing chess with an inmate goes viral online and garnered various reactions from the internet users. PCpl Arman Louie Buban, a police officer from Magallanes Municipality, recently shared a photo of himself playing chess with a detainee, accompanied by a powerful statement: … Read more

Cop Caught Wife with a Policeman Inside Motel in Bataan

Cop Caught His Wife Inside Motel with a Policeman Affair in Bataan A cop husband caught his wife inside a motel allegedly doing an intimate moment with a policeman in Bataan. In Barangay Talimundoc, Bataan, a police officer apprehended his wife while she was having an intimate moment inside a motel with another cop who … Read more

Policeman Shoots Sleepless Man Who Tried to Stab Him


Man Running Amok in Oton, Iloilo Shot by Policeman in Self-Defense A policeman shoots a sleepless man who ran amok at a plaza in Oton, Iloilo for attempting to stab him after responding to the scene. The incident happened in front of the residence of Mayor Sofronio Fusin, creating chaos and panic in the peaceful … Read more

Drunk Cop Runs Amok Amidst Religious Activity in Lapu-Lapu City

Drunk Cop Arrested After He Runs Amok During Religious Activity in Lapu-Lapu City Authorities arrested a drunk cop after he allegedly runs amok during a religious activity in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. A video of a police officer in uniform running amok in the midst of religious activities in Lapu-Lapu City goes popular on social media. … Read more

Bus Driver Suffers Stroke During Trip, Cop Takes Over Stirring Wheel

Bus Driver

Police Man Rescues Passengers After Bus Driver Suffers Stroke During Trip A bus driver suffered a stroke during the trip but a brave cop takes over the stirring wheel and rescue to the passengers. Nowadays, road accident has been one of the major traffic problems in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. It usually … Read more