Policeman Shoots Sleepless Man Who Tried to Stab Him

Man Running Amok in Oton, Iloilo Shot by Policeman in Self-Defense

A policeman shoots a sleepless man who ran amok at a plaza in Oton, Iloilo for attempting to stab him after responding to the scene.

The incident happened in front of the residence of Mayor Sofronio Fusin, creating chaos and panic in the peaceful community.

The suspect initially caused a disturbance in front of Mayor Fusin’s residence. Concerned citizens promptly contacted the police, and law enforcement officers were dispatched to the area.


Unfortunately, the man had already moved to another location when the police officers arrive at the scene.

A vigilant citizen then reported that an individual was running amok at the local plaza, raising alarm among the community members. Police Corporal Mark Bernard Villanueva, one of the responding officers, bravely approached the suspect to intervene and maintain order.

However, the situation quickly escalated when the agitated individual allegedly attempted to attack Corporal Villanueva, forcing the officer to defend himself.


In a split-second decision to protect his own life, the police officer discharged his weapon, fatally shooting the suspect. The severity of the situation prompted an immediate rush to the hospital, but tragically, the suspect succumbed to his injuries.

Police Capt. Beverly Cataluña, deputy station commander of the Oton Municipal Police Station, revealed that the suspect’s spouse had informed authorities that he had been sleep-deprived for three consecutive days.

“Ang suspek na ito na nag-amok, according sa asawa niya, three days na siyang walang tulog. So we presume na affected na ang kanyang mental state,” Cataluña said.

Such prolonged sleep deprivation can severely impact one’s mental state, potentially exacerbating existing underlying conditions.

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