Cop Caught Wife with a Policeman Inside Motel in Bataan

Cop Caught His Wife Inside Motel with a Policeman Affair in Bataan

A cop husband caught his wife inside a motel allegedly doing an intimate moment with a policeman in Bataan.

In Barangay Talimundoc, Bataan, a police officer apprehended his wife while she was having an intimate moment inside a motel with another cop who is his best buddy. A case of ‘adultery’ has been filed against the officer and his wife.

Cop Wife Policeman Bataan

Staff Sergeant Clifford Cruzata, attached to the Samal Municipal Police Station, Bataan Provincial Office, was identified in the report. Leni Jane Nuguid, the wife of Corporal Vermont Nuguid of Barangay Mabuco, Hermosa, Bataan, was recognized.

Nuguid is a friend of SSgt Cruzata and is attached to the Bataan Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit. Nuguid followed his wife and Cruzata inside the Belseras Inn during the initial investigation.

The altercation escalated when Cruzata and Nuguid struggled with their service handgun until it fired, striking Cruzata in the right hip. The motel personnel was able to swiftly contact a responder.

The two officers were promptly transported to the Orani District Hospital for medical treatment. Despite the fact that the lovers would face the charges, Nuguid was arrested for assaulting the new opponent for the same reason.

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