1 Curfew Violator Killed After Jumping Off Police Mobile in Cabanatuan

1 Curfew Violator Killed, 2 Others Injured After Escaping Police in Cabanatuan Two (2) cops in Cabanatuan under probe after a curfew violator was killed when allegedly jump off police mobile while two cohorts were injured. Two police officers from the Cabanatuan Police Station are in hot water after the Police Chief witnessed their inept … Read more

Police Force Responded in Burned Cell Site in Legaspi City Got Ambushed

Police Force Who Responded in Burned Cell Site Got Ambushed in Legaspi City A vehicle carrying police force who responded in a cell site allegedly burned in Legaspi City got ambushed by unknown suspects. In Barangay Homapon, Legazpi City, a female lawyer was hurt when bullets struck the vehicle she was driving. The lawyer’s vehicle … Read more

Protocol Violator Jump Off Police Mobile to Escape Caught on Camera

Protocol Violator Caught on Camera Jump Off Police Mobile to Escape Violation A concerned netizen caught a protocol violator on camera after he jumps off a police mobile to escape police imposing minimum health protocols. Because of the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), governments all over the world, including the Philippines, … Read more

Drug and Robbery Suspect in Olongapo City Escaped from Police Escorts

Drug and Robbery Suspect in Olongapo City Kick Police Escorts and Escaped Suspect charged of robber and drug related case in Olongapo City escaped from his police escorts after he kicks them while vehicle is on stop. A person deprived of liberty (PDL) suspect in illegal drugs and theft fled from his police escorts when … Read more

Crazy Driver Counter Flows Hitting 8 Vehicles & Attacks Police Mobile

Crazy Driver

Crazy Driver Hits 8 Vehicles and Attacks Police Mobile in Bacoor, Cavite A crazy driver counter flowed along Daang Hari, Molino IV, in Bacoor, Cavite hitting eight vehicles and even attacked a police mobile. Nowadays, the Philippine government and the authorities are implementing stricter traffic rules and regulations. The stricter traffic policy has been imposed … Read more