1 Curfew Violator Killed After Jumping Off Police Mobile in Cabanatuan

1 Curfew Violator Killed, 2 Others Injured After Escaping Police in Cabanatuan

Two (2) cops in Cabanatuan under probe after a curfew violator was killed when allegedly jump off police mobile while two cohorts were injured.

Two police officers from the Cabanatuan Police Station are in hot water after the Police Chief witnessed their inept treatment of three adolescents arrested for curfew violations. According to the story, the three allegedly jumped from a police cruiser, resulting in tragedy and the death of one person.

Curfew Violator Killed

According to the police report, a 17-year-old San Juan Accfa resident was killed after he leaped from a police vehicle. Their 18-year-old girl relative and her 18-year-old sibling were both injured.

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Two cops on a police mobile passed the three at the corner of Maharlika highway and Barangay Heneral Luna, according to CCTV footage released by the Cabanatuan police station. The three freely got on the back of the mobile phone after the police apparently spoke with them, according to CCTV evidence.

Those suspected of breaching the curfew rule are not truly handcuffed, according to Police Lieutenant Colonel Julius Ceasar Manucdoc, OIC-Cabanatuan City Police Station. Those who are found breaking the curfew are allegedly taken to the police station solely to obtain information.

When the cops arrived at the station, they discovered that their passengers had disappeared. Later, Manucdoc stated, someone quickly informed that there were three lying on the roadway.

The mobile car was also caught on camera turning right at the intersection of the circumferential road that leads to the police station. The three, however, are said to have leaped there before arriving at the police station.

The victim’s siblings were promised that the police would take them home, according to Laut Saripada, the victim’s father. However, when they got at the location where they were meant to go down, the three allegedly walked right past the police, who did not appear to notice them and continued to yell.

The three’s relatives have asked President Rodrigo Duterte to investigate what happened to them. The two police officers engaged in the event, who are under investigation, first declined to be named.

Manucdoc, on the other hand, promised that if they make a mistake, they will not be tolerated by the staff. One of the errors he notices in the two cops is that none of them accompanied the three youngsters in the back of the car.

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