Pinky Amador: Staff File Complaint, Reveals Reason Over Cursing Incident

Pinky Amador

Staff of condotel file complaint versus Pinky Amador following cursing incident recorded in a video. PINKY AMADOR – Award-winning actress Pinky Amador reveals complaint filed against her and shared her side of story which reached to the cursing incident. In a viral video that have circulated online, theater and mainstream actress was recorded yelling and … Read more

Pinky Amador Video Shouting At Staff, Marissa Sanchez Reacts

Marissa Sanchez

Marissa Sanchez defends Pinky Amador over her controversial video. PINKY AMADOR – Singer and actress Marissa Sanchez defends fellow actress Pinky Amador after her controversial video went viral. Award-winning theater and drama actress Pinky Amador previously under fire following the circulation of her video online. She was recorded by one of the staff she was … Read more

Vivian Velez on Jaclyn Jose’s Apology over Insults: “I do not accept your apology”

Vivian Velez

Jaclyn Jose’s apology not accepted by Vivian Velez after she got insulted publicly online. VIVIAN VELEZ – Veteran actresses Vivian Velez and Jaclyn Jose caught in a row following their clashing opinions over Pinky Amador’s video. In a previous article, veteran actress Jaclyn Jose threw controversial statements and accusations against another actress, Vivian Velez. She … Read more

Pinky Amador Video: Jaclyn Jose Slams Vivian Velez over her Support

Pinky Amador

Vivian Velez called by Jaclyn Jose in a foul name and later on apologized for what she said. PINKY AMADOR – Veteran and award-winning actress Jaclyn Jose lambasted fellow actress Vivian Velez in her post about Pinky Amador. In a recent controversial video circulating online, famous mainstream and theater actress Pinky Amador was recorded threatening … Read more

Pinky Amador Speaks Over Video Of How She “Rudely” Treated Condo-tel Staff

Pinky Amador

Actress Pinky Amador finally breaks silence about her controversial video. PINKY AMADOR – Controversial actress Pinky Amador finally speaks up about her video circulating online which showed how she rudely treated condo-tel staff. In a previous article, the award-winning theater and drama actress Pinky Amador was recorded in a video which showed how rude she … Read more