Pinky Amador Speaks Over Video Of How She “Rudely” Treated Condo-tel Staff

Actress Pinky Amador finally breaks silence about her controversial video.

PINKY AMADOR – Controversial actress Pinky Amador finally speaks up about her video circulating online which showed how she rudely treated condo-tel staff.

In a previous article, the award-winning theater and drama actress Pinky Amador was recorded in a video which showed how rude she was in treating staff of a certain condo-tel. She showered them with curses in pure outrage due to emotional outburst to which she admitted. Her behavior, according to her, is inexcusable, as per her official statement.

Pinky Amador
Photo grabbed on Facebook

But then she explained that her explosion was made out of frustration over her situation and the situation of residents living in the area as hers. The actress shared that the condo-tel where she was staying accepted numerous returning Filipinos without any information and warning to them from their management.

They did not know that 59 Filipinos, possible to have the coronavirus diseases which put their lives at stake, came in their area and she has encountered two (2) of them. It caused alarm to her and the other residents because they got exposed.

“…We were exposed to new guests without any advice from the administration and without any protocols in place to protect the building’s residents,” she said. They requested for transparency and proper protocols for the safety of everyone but their pleas were left unheard. And that caused her fury.

Moreover, she cited anti-wire tapping act because she was recorded without her knowledge “with the intention to leak online” to which for her is malicious, vengeful, and a violation of the said act. She then said, “I am not perfect, far from it. Under these stressful times, when pushed to the limit, how far will you go to protect your loved ones?”

Her statement was delivered through Arnold Vegafria’s social media account.


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