NBI Files Raps vs MT Princess Empress Owner, Others for OrMin Oil Spill

MT Princess Empress Owner, Others to Face Criminal Raps for OrMin Oil Spill – NBI The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) files raps against the owner of MT Princess Empress following the oil spill in Oriental Mindoro. 35 people have been prosecuted in connection with the sinking of the M/T Princess Empress in Naujan, Oriental … Read more

Owner of Sunken Ship in Mindoro to Face Charges over Oil Spill

Ship Owner to Face Charges After Tanker Sunken in Mindoro and Causes Oil Spill The local government of Mindoro will file charges against the owner of the tanker ship who got sunken and caused an oil spill. Officials in Pola, Oriental Mindoro, are preparing to file a complaint in connection with the oil spill that … Read more

PHOTO: Oil-Stained Boy Draws People’s Attention To Brazil Oil Spill

oil-stained boy brazil 1

Viral Photo of Oil-Stained Boy Draws People’s Attention To Brazil Spill OIL STAINED BOY – The viral photo of the oil-stained boy draw the people’s attention to the Brazil oil spill. An oil spill is harmful to marine mammals, fish, shellfish, and birds. Its harsh elements could cause the death of these aquatic animals. The … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: Zambales Coast Oil Spill Confirmed by DENR

Zambales Coast Oil Spill

DENR Confirms Zambales Coast Oil Spill ZAMBALES COAST OIL SPILL – The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) confirmed that there is an oil spill in Zambales waters. Aside from human activities, other events that could put the life of marine animals at risk is oil spill. Unfortunately, there are really cases of this … Read more

Oil Spill Fouls Beaches, Threatens Wildlife Across Pacific

Once a scenic nine-mile stretch, now California coast is covered with stinky black goo caused by the pipeline leak. As cleanup efforts began and federal regulators investigate how the pipeline leaked, the oil spill has already fouled beaches and threatened wildlife. On Wednesday, workers in protective suits raked and shoveled the materials off the beaches, … Read more