Kiray Celis Finally Speaks Up About Issue with Mystica

Kiray Celis Mystica Issue

Kiray Celis Breaks Silence About Issue with Mystica During Lock-in Taping KIRAY CELIS – The actress finally broke her silence regarding her issue against controversial personality Mystica. In the podcast Updated with Nelson Canlas, the actress finally addressed the controversy she and Mystica were involved in November 2020. Recall that Mystica reportedly doesn’t want Kiray … Read more

Mystica Video Kissing Pambansang Kolokoy Elicits Reactions

Mystica Shares Video of Her Kissing Pambansang Kolokoy Goes Viral Social media personality Mystica goes viral after she recently shared a video of her kissing the Pambansang Kolokoy. On her YouTube account, the singer-actress “Mystica” shared that they were together in a bar with the controversial content creator “Pambansang Kolokoy” or Joel Mondina. She asked … Read more

Mystica Reacts to Bashers Criticizing Her Over Prank in Las Vegas

Mystica Becomes Emotional Explaining Her Prank in Las Vegas to Bashers The former actress Mystica becomes emotional while explaining her side to bashers after being criticized over her prank in Las Vegas. Ruby Rose Mauanay Villanueva or popularly known as ‘Mystica’ expresses her reactions to the harsh comments of bashers on her recent vlog where … Read more

Mystica Reacts to Cristy Fermin’s Statement Regarding Mahal’s Earnings


Pinay Actress Mystica Reacts to Cristy Fermin’s Statement About Mahal’s Earnings The former actress Mystica has reacted to the statement of Cristy Fermin regarding the legalities on Mahal’s earnings. Previously, the female Filipino talk show host Cristy Fermin has defended Mygz Molino, the on-screen partner of the late comedienne Noemi Tesorero or popularly known as … Read more

Mystica Exposes Alleged Modus of “Online Manghuhula” Rudy Baldwin

Mystica Exposes Rudy Baldwin Alleged Fortune Telling Modus Operandi Actress turned vlogger Mystica exposes the modus operandi of the “online manghuhula” Rudy Baldwin amid controversial issues. Ruby Rose Villanueva, best known as her screen name ‘Mystica,’ a former actress and now vlogger, exposed celebrity fate teller Rudy Baldwin’s alleged scam modus in her most recent … Read more

Mystica Criticizes Sara Duterte’s Possible Candidacy for Presidency


Pinay Actress Mystica Hits Sara Duterte Over Possible Candidacy for Presidency The Pinay celebrity Mystica lambasted Sara Duterte’s possible candidacy for presidency and stressed out “Porke magulang presidente.” Mystica has posted a video of herself lambasting the presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. The celebrity is criticizing the possible candidacy of the lady … Read more

Mystica Earns Criticisms Online After Defending Cop Jonel Nuezca


Pinay Celebrity Mystica Earns Criticisms Online After Defending Cop Jonel Nuezca Over “My Father is a Policeman” The controversial Pinay comedian Mystica earned various reactions from the online community after defending the viral cop Jonel Nuezca. A Facebook user named Nico Nikko has shared the video footage of Mystica released her statement regarding the “My … Read more

Jervy “Patani” Daño Replaced Mystica in a Show After Singer Complain

Jervy “Patani” Daño Replaced Mystica in Owe My Love After Singer Left Former survivor castaway Jervy “Patani” Daño replaced singer Mystica in the GMA-7 show after the singer complained about treatment. Jervy “Patani” Daño replaced singer-actress Mystica in Owe My Love, the upcoming romantic-comedy series of GMA Public Affairs. The decision to replace Mystica was … Read more

Mystica Accuses Kiray Celis Of Saying Bad Things About This Actor

Kiray Celis

Controversial personality Mystica has this accusations against Kiray Celis following her rants. KIRAY CELIS – Following all her rants about “Owe My Love” lock in taping, Mystica made controversial accusations against Kiray Celis. “With regard to her sharing the room with Kiray, this was communicated to her in advance as well. The door of their … Read more