VIDEO: Marvin Agustin Reaction To Diwata Pares Overload & Siken Joy

Here’s Marvin Agustin Reaction To Famous Pares Overload & Siken Joy Of Diwata

MARVIN AGUSTIN – Actor and restaurateur Marvin Agustin tried Diwata’s famous pares overload and siken joy.

Deo Jarito Balbuena, known as Diwata and the owner of the trending and highly sought-after Diwata Pares Overload located near the GSIS building, Pasay City. Aside from being affordable, his offerings are also satisfying and filling according to his customers who keep coming back to his eatery.

For just Php100, one can have a pair, unlimited soup, unlimited rice, and a bottle of soft drinks. It’s no wonder many patiently queue up at Diwata Pares Overload. Recently, it was recalled that Diwata was seen on FPJ’s “Batang Quiapo.” In an interview with Julius Babao, Diwata mentioned that she would be seen again in the series, but he didn’t provide any other details.


Meanwhile, after Rosmar gave Diwata a house, one million pesos, and other livelihood assistance, she mentioned that she even offered Diwata a makeover. She was pleased with Diwata’s reaction, admitting she was nervous even though rhinoplasty was supposed to be done for her. Because of this, Rosmar said it’s enjoyable to help Diwata since she’s not an abusive person.

In a previous article, Mystica criticized Diwata’s behavior regarding how he treated his customers and vloggers. The actress shared a video on her Facebook account expressing her opinions about Diwata.


Another well-known personality came to Diwata’s Pares Overload. On YouTube channel Diwata Pares Overload official, Diwata shared some events during the visit of actor and restaurateur Marvin Agustin.

“Naiinggit na ho ba kayo sa akin?” Marvin asked those watching them.

“Kaya naman pala pinipilahan,” when Marvin tasted Diwata’s famous pares.

Even Diwata’s “siken joy” has been tasted by him. “Mura na, masarap pa,” Marvin added as a comment on the dishes served by Diwata. Diwata also showed Marvin her upgraded cooking equipment, especially now that her menu has expanded.

Watch the video below:

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