Kiray Celis Finally Speaks Up About Issue with Mystica

Kiray Celis Breaks Silence About Issue with Mystica During Lock-in Taping

KIRAY CELIS – The actress finally broke her silence regarding her issue against controversial personality Mystica.

In the podcast Updated with Nelson Canlas, the actress finally addressed the controversy she and Mystica were involved in November 2020. Recall that Mystica reportedly doesn’t want Kiray to be in the same room during their lock-in taping of the GMA-7 primetime series Owe My Love.

Kiray Celis Mystica Issue

According to Mystica, when it comes to privacy, their lifestyles and guiding principles are different. Kiray clarified that she didn’t argue with the controversial personality, though. Mystica was informed that they would be roommates a few days before Kiray arrived on set, according to Kiray.

“Hindi ko siya nakaaway, nakakatawa, di ba? “Excited din ako kasi nakakasama ko rin noong bata ako si Ate Mystica, pag kunwari nagraraket-raket, kanta-kanta sa mga fiesta,” she said.

On her first day, it is stated that Kiray arrived at the set in the afternoon and sleep around six o’clock in the room with Mystica. She claimed she awoke around nine o’clock and had a hunger pang. So she asked her friend Jason Francisco to eat with them.

Mystica, Kiray’s roommate, was informed that she was leaving the room to eat, according to Kiray. But Mystica reportedly sent a message to their group chat, where all the artists and staff are present, addressing significant issues.

“Nag-chat siya, sabi niya, ‘Wala dito si Kiray sa kuwarto.’ Sabi ko, Hala, nagpaalam naman ako sa kanya na pupunta ako kay Kuya Jason na nagugutom po ako,” she explained.

“Ayoko po isipin na kakarating ko lang doon ng first day, sasabihin naglalakwatsa po ako agad or nag-iikot-ikot ako. Natakot ako na, ‘Oh my gosh, baka kung anong isipin sa akin ng mga artista dito, mga staff’,” she added.

Mystica’s discussion prompted Kiray to head back to her room right away. Mystica informed Kiray that she was not feeling well when she entered the room. “I’m not okay, hindi ako okay.”

Kiray enquired as to what had happened. Kiray was told by her that she wanted privacy and that she didn’t want to be in the room with her. According to reports, Kiray told the series’ staff about the occurrence.

“Tapos tinatanong ako ng mga staff, ‘Wala akong ginawa diyan.’ Tapos yun pala nahu-homesick siya. Kaya umalis din siya sa show kasi nahu-homesick pala talaga siya. Gusto niya makita anak niya,” she revealed.

Kiray is claimed to have harbored no resentment for Mystica in spite of what transpired. You may recall that Mystica quit the Owe My Love set for an unspecified reason.

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