Mystica Video Kissing Pambansang Kolokoy Elicits Reactions

Mystica Shares Video of Her Kissing Pambansang Kolokoy Goes Viral

Social media personality Mystica goes viral after she recently shared a video of her kissing the Pambansang Kolokoy.

On her YouTube account, the singer-actress “Mystica” shared that they were together in a bar with the controversial content creator “Pambansang Kolokoy” or Joel Mondina. She asked her alleged “anak” on the video whether they would like to be her boyfriend.

Mystica Pambansang Kolokoy

In the vlog “MGA ANAK, ARE YOU ALLOWED TO BE MY BOYFRIEND PAMBANSANG KOLOKOY? – MYSTICA” uploaded to her YouTube channel, it can be seen that Mystica flinched Pambansang Kolokoy who was sitting next to her several times.

He even gave PK a cheek kiss. Mystica is reportedly spending her entire stay in the United States of America. You may recall that the vlogger revealed in August that he and his wife, Marites, had divorced.

Because of the procedure, they were going through, PK didn’t want to speak, but as more and more people began to inquire, he decided to speak and provide an explanation. Pambansang Kolokoy acknowledged that he is dating another person, and they enjoy each other’s company.

Since Marites is the mother of his children and they like spending time together, he claimed he doesn’t want to talk ill of her. Different from what others see and watch, it is reported that they are quite happy. However, there are things allegedly happening in their personal life that they no longer inform and display in the vlog.

According to rumors, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that viewers are unaware of and they choose not to display in their vlogs. Regarding his relationship with their children, PK also provided an answer.

They are OK, he replied, and their relationship is good. Mystica and even Pambansang Kolokoy were vague on whether or not there was a third party mediating their dispute or if they were just pals.

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