Herlene Budol Recalls Miss Manila Issue: “Sana tinropa na lang…”

Herlene Budol

BBP 2022 first runner-up Herlene Budol has this statement for Miss Manila. HERLENE BUDOL – Beauty queen Herlene Budol speaks about issues versus Miss Manila that emerged again online. In a previous article, Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon and “Hipon Girl” Herlene Budol got themselves engaged in a heated conversation on national television. It started when … Read more

Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon Calls Bashers ‘Talangka’ & ‘Tolongges’

Miss Manila

Returning to social media, Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon slams bashers and their critical comments against her. MISS MANILA – Miss Universe PH 2020 contestant Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon respond to critical comments of people online versus her. Alexandra Abdon’s rude and offensive argument in a showdown with Herlene Budol also known as Hipon Girl has … Read more

Willie Revillame Reacts To Issue Of Miss Manila versus Hipon Girl

Willie Revillame

Here’s what Willie Revillame said about critical comments against Miss Manila. WILLIE REVILLAME – “Wowowin” host Willie Revillame mediates bashing against Miss Manila following issue with “Hipon Girl” Herlene Budol. In what supposed to be an exchange of funny banters, people found the statements of Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon to be rude and offensive. It … Read more

Miss Manila Bashed For Being “Rude” To Hipon Girl Herlene

Miss Manila 1

Miss Manila Became Subject of Online Bashing MISS MANILA – Miss Universe Philippines candidate Alexandria Abdon was bashed for allegedly being “rude” to Hipon Girl Herlene. After the search for Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Miss Manila Alexandria Abdon won the hearts of many by keeping it real in the beauty pageant. She proved to the … Read more

VIDEO: Miss Manila, Hipon Girl Herlene Get Into Heated Conversation

Miss Manila Helene Wowowin

Watch Miss Manila, Hipon Girl Herlene’s Heated Conversation MISS MANILA – The conversation between Miss Manila and Hipon Girl Herlene went viral on social media. Herlene Budol started as a co-host of Willie Revillame’s tv variety show Wowowin. She’s now having breaks in her life because of her perfect physique and humor. The 24-year-old comedian-host … Read more

Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon’s Statement on Willie Revillame’s Lecture

miss manila alexandra abdon willie revillame

Miss Manila answered Willie Revillame’s lecture on professionalism Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon has this statement after Wowowin host Willie Revillame lectured her about professionalism on national TV. On December 11, Kuya Wil personally called the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidate to be his guest co-host on Monday, December 14. Alexandra committed and said that she … Read more

VIDEO: Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon Reacts To TikTok Meme About Her

Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon TikTok

Miss Manila Alexandra Abdon’s Reaction Video to TikTok Memes About Her MISS MANILA – Alexandra Abdon of Manila reacted to the TikTok meme about her. During the preliminary interview of Miss Universe Philippines 2020, the candidates were given a time to answer random questions from the panel of judges. The prelim interview performance of Miss … Read more