Ivana Alawi Gives Mama Alawi A Grand Birthday Gift

Ivana Alawi

This is the thoughtful and useful birthday gift of Ivana Alawi for her mother. IVANA ALAWI – Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi gives Mama Alawi the birthday that she wants and this grand birthday present. When it comes to giving gifts to a loved one, Ivana Alawi is surely the one with the most generous heart. … Read more

Ivana Alawi Teases Her Mother To Foreigner Neighbor In Spain

Ivana Alawi

Here’s a video of Ivana Alawi annoying her mother. IVANA ALAWI – Mama Alawi gets annoyed at the teasing of Ivana Alawi and Mona pushing her to their neighbor in Spain. Capping off the summer season this year, Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi takes her whole family to Spain and spends several days there. They surely … Read more

Ivana Alawi: Find Out Why She’s Still Single

Ivana Alawi

Ivana Alawi Opens Up About Her Choice to Remain Single IVANA ALAWI – Filipino-Moroccan actress and vlogger Ivana Alawi opened up about her choice to remain single. Filipina actress, model, Instagram star, and vlogger Ivana Alawi is now one of the top local creators on the video-sharing platform Youtube. She now has more than 12 … Read more

Ivana Alawi Has This Expensive Gift For Her Mother

Ivana Alawi

Here’s the expensive gift of Ivana Alawi for Mama Alawi. IVANA ALAWI – Daring actress and famous vlogger Ivana Alawi has this expensive gift for her mother which touched many hearts. In a previous article, famous actress Ivana Alawi surprised her brother Hash Alawi with a land where he can build his home for his … Read more

Alex Gonzaga & Ivana Alawi Surpasses 8 Million Subscribers On Youtube

Alex gonzaga & Ivana Alawi 1

Alex Gonzaga, Ivana Alawi Reaches 8 Million Subscribers On Youtube ALEX GONZAGA – Kapamilya stars Alex Gonzaga and Ivana Alawi has surpassed 8 millions subscribers on Youtube. From simply interacting with their fans through Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by sharing a glimpse of their lives via videos and photos they post, stars found another venue … Read more