Ivana Alawi Tries Pregnancy Simulator Challenge, Here’s Her Reaction

Here are the reactions of Ivana Alawi and her family when they tried the pregnancy simulator device.

IVANA ALAWI – In a new vlog, Ivana Alawi and her family did the pregnancy simulator challenge, and here are their reactions.

A foot on the grave. This is how most mothers describe the feeling of giving birth is. The physical pain is unimaginable. It is caused by contractions of the muscles and pressure. It causes very strong cramping in the abdomen, groin, and back, with an aching feeling. But it varies widely from woman to woman and even from pregnancy to pregnancy. 

However, despite the immeasurable physical suffering and by putting themselves in a dangerous situation, mothers still give birth more than once because, after everything, it’s all worth it. Cradling and finally seeing their child, who they carried inside them for nine months, makes all the pain worth it.


And in the recent vlog of Hash Alawi, one of the top content creators in the country for this year, he tried the pregnancy simulator to have a hint of how painful childbirth is. There are certain levels in the device where the higher the level, the higher the pain would be.

In the video, Ivana and Hash showed their real feeling as they experienced the pain. They crawled in excruciating hurt in their abdomen but Mona, despite the device pressed to its highest level, was all cool and chill to their surprise.

Hash Alawi
Photo grabbed on Youtube

And here are some of the comments from the post:

salute to all mom’s out there,grabe talaga pinagdadaanan ng mga mommy pag nanganganak.

Nakakatuwa pati si Jeff nakaexperience ng pregnancy simulation

OMG! Hash is a very creative thinker for his content. Loved it!!!

Natutuwa ako kay mama alawi sobrang tawa nya


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