Poor OFWs in Malaysia Ask Philippine Government to Send Them Food

Poor OFWs

Poor OFWs in Malaysia Ask PH Government to Allow Philippine Embassy to Send Them Food Supplies PH GOVERNMENT – The poor Overseas Filipino Workers in Malaysia are now asking the Philippine government to send them food. On Friday (March 27, 2020), it has been reported that the Filipino migrant workers are seeking help from Presidential … Read more

Airline Opens Restaurant That Only Serves In-Flight Meals

Airline AirAsia 1

Airline Opens First Restaurant That Only Serves Airplane Food AIRLINE – The largest low-cost airline in Asia is positive that people love their in-flight meal so much that they opened their first restaurant. Lots of people would admit that they hate airplane food. The food on the air vessel is pre-made food of re-heated. A … Read more

Sumatran Rhino Becomes Extinct in Malaysia as the Last Survivor Dies of Cancer

Sumatran Rhinoceros Becomes Extinct in Malaysia After Last of the Species Dies of Cancer MALAYSIA – The Sumatran rhinoceros has become extinct in Malaysia after the last of the species in the country succumbed to cancer on Saturday. Iman, the 25-year-old rhino, died on Saturday after suffering significant pain from growing pressure of the uterine tumors … Read more

Malaysian Mother Eats Ice Cubes To Ensure Her Child Eats Well


Malaysian Mother Eats Ice Cubes To Ensure Her Child Eats Well MALAYSIAN MOTHER – A Malaysian mother made extreme sacrifices to ensure that her child’s well-being and future. According to KAMI, one story in the Malaysian Film Festival featured a certain family whose situation sparked attention. The mother, identified as Aisha Othman, go lengthes to … Read more

VIRAL: Goat Became Popular For Being ‘Too Handsome’

This Goat Went Viral On Facebook For Being Too Handsome VIRAL – Unusually awesome pictures of this goat went viral on social media, the goat’s glamorous photos went viral for being ‘too handsome’. There has been several reports about animals going viral on social media lately. Animals often go viral for having unique features, doing … Read more