VIDEO: Man Meets “Doppelganger” During Childhood Friend’s Wedding

Man Didn’t Expect to Meet His “Doppelganger” During Friend’s Wedding

MAN – A man named Azly Yosof didn’t expect to meet his “doppelganger” during his friend’s wedding in Malaysia.

All of us are special in some way but sometimes see ourselves to another person. They act or look slightly the same as we do.

But there are also some people who looked very similar like twins but they are non-biologically related, it’s called “doppelganger.” It’s surely both creepy and exciting to meet our look-alikes.

Photo Source: BBC

In a previous article, there was a grab driver who was surprised to meet his passenger who looked exactly like him. Both of them laughed after discovering they looked very similar.

A Filipina celebrity Coleen Garcia also met her doppelganger in the United States recently. She showed their selfies and friendship bracelet on her Instagram account.

Photo Source: Fox News

Recently, the video of a man in Malaysia who spotted his doppelganger while attending his childhood friend’s wedding went viral on social media. The video was shared on the Facebook page of South China Morning Post.

Based on a report from Fox News, Azly Yosof bumped into a man who looked exactly like him. They both wore black-rimmed glasses, red shirts and, same physiques. The 29-year-old man immediately broke out laughing as soon as he saw his doppelganger.

Photo Source: Fox News

According to the report, Yosof’s friend Amir Zulfadhi said they are not biologically related. “Me and Azly are the groom’s childhood friends and the other man was his friend from work,” he said.

“This was the first time we had ever met, and it was really funny. It was just a coincidence that Azly and his doppelganger were both wearing red shirts,” he added.

Watch the video below:

The viral video of the man and his doppelganger amused countless netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Veltrice Tan: “omgg they found their doppelganger”

@Angela Winter: “haha…that’s bizarre”

@Alvin Tan: “Met his long lost brother!”

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