Lolito Go Shows ‘Resibo’ Of Moira dela Torre’s ‘Offer’ To Be Her Ghostwriter

Lolito Go fires back at Moira dela Torre’s statement denying that she employed a ghostwriter Lyricist/composer Lolito Go showed “resibo” debunking the statement that singer-songwriter Moira dela Torres released. In his “revelations,” Lolito claimed that Moira wanted to get him as a ghostwriter. He also mentioned that there was an instance when the Paubaya singer … Read more

Darryl Yap to Lolito Go, Jason Hernandez: ‘Wala kayong malasakit samin eh!’

Darryl Yap is also waiting for the update on Moira-Jason issue Director Darryl Yap has this message to lyricist/composer Lolito Go and singer-songwriter Jason Hernandez about the recent claims against singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre. Direk Darryl is one of the entertainment personalities who is active on Facebook. His recent posts are about the issue that … Read more

Moira Dela Torre Likes “Chararat” Guys Says Xian Gaza

Moira Dela Torre

Xian Gaza Says Moira Dela Torre Likes “Ugly” Men MOIRA DELA TORRE – Self-confessed scammer Christian Albert “Xian” Gaza claims Kapamilya singer Moira Dela Torre likes “ugly” men. In the days following Jason Hernandez’s admission that he is wooing back his ex-wife, singer Moira Dela Torre, a colleague of the former couple launched a barrage of insults at … Read more

Moira dela Torre Is Credit Grabber? Lolito Go Reveals This

moira dela torre

Is it true that Moira dela Torre is taking writing credits for certain songs? Lyricist/composer Lolito Go made revelations about singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre and the songs she is supposed to take credit for as her compositions. Lolito shared in his lengthy Facebook post on May 28 that he and Moira became friends when they … Read more

Moira dela Torre-Jason Hernandez Issue: Lolito Go Shares Shocking Revelations

moira dela torre jason hernandez

A Facebook post talked about the controversy between Moira dela Torre and Jason Hernandez Lyricist/composer Lolito Go made shocking revelations about singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre and her breakup with her estranged husband Jason Hernandez. Moira and Jason’s separation has created a loud buzz in the entertainment industry and even now, issues surrounding their breakup kept … Read more