Moira Dela Torre: Singer’s Mother Responds On Lolito Go’s “Resibo”

This is the clap back of the mother of Moira Dela Torre to the “resibo” of Lolito Go.

MOIRA DELA TORRE – Songwriter Lolito Go shares “resibo” about the ghostwriter allegations and the mother of Moira Dela Torre has this reaction.

In a previous article, songwriter Lolito Go revealed shocking revelations amid the controversies going around between Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez. To recall, the couple separated due to the latter’s cheating but Go’s revelations dropped like

The viral posts and shocking revelations made the rumored affair of Dela Torre with Zack Tabudlo resurfaced.

Moira is more of an oppressor than a victim. Jason took all the blame, took all the bashing, in the name of love. That’s how he was raised. To roll with the punches. To give the other cheek,” Lolito said.

In the same post, Lolito revealed more such as throwing allegations at Moira. He claimed that Moira asked him to be her ghostwriter. But in an official statement, Moira stood up for herself denying that she did what she was accused of including the cheating allegations.

“I have never employed a ghostwriter,” she stressed and in the same statement, she wrote, “It is unfair that I find myself in a position where I have to defend my name and even explain why I did not deserve to be cheated on.”

After denying it, Go released a “resibo” of his claims which earned a reaction from the singer’s mother.

According to the singer’s mother, Go’s claims were heartbreaking as her daughter was just trying to be nice. He was accordingly the one who wanted to be her ghostwriter and expressed doubt about the veracity of his screenshots.

“You are borrowing money, and you are insisting na mag GHOSTWRITER ka. We have the truth. Maawain lang anak ko,” Moira’s mother said.

Moira Dela Torre

Meanwhile, this comment caught Go’s attention and clarified the things her mother pointed out. Go said that he suggested being the ghostwriter as he was not paid and not given the right credits.

He also addressed the “pangungutang” issue and expressed no fear even if this will lead to a legal battle.

Lolito Go


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