Moira Dela Torre Mom on Lolito Go: “Lagi ka nangungutang sa kanya”

Moira Dela Torre Mom Defends Daughter Against Accusations of Lolito Go

The mom of the Filipina singer Moira Dela Torre took a swipe against the composer Lolito Go over accusations against her daughter.

Moira’s mother, Raquel dela Torre, arrived to defend her daughter from the composer’s claims. Raquel already made some revelations about Lolito in a Facebook comment, which could explain why the composer suddenly posted posts against the singer.

Moira Mom Lolito Go

Lolito, according to Mrs. Dela Torre, was the one who insisted on Moira becoming her ghostwriter. She further stated that Lolito was constantly borrowing money from Moira and that the singer lends him money because her daughter is “maawain.”

 “This breaks my heart because you know that my daughter WAS JUST BEING NICE. Ikaw ang kumukulit sa GHOSTWRITER na yan. I-release mo lahat ng screenshots. I challenge you. Are we sure it’s not edited? Because you have been borrowing MONEY from her. Lagi ka nangungutang sa kanya. And the fact remains, MY DAUGHTER never hired a GHOSTWRITER. You are borrowing money, and you are insisting na mag GHOSTWRITER ka. We have the truth. Maawain lang anak ko,” she said.

Lolito then replied to Mrs. Dela Torre in detail, revealing that he is borrowing money from her daughter but is not being given. Lolito, on the other hand, said that he was obliged to borrow from Moira since he did not receive royalties from the song he reportedly ghostwrote for the singer. He also stated that he proposed simply becoming a ghostwriter because he will not take credit for Moira’s music.

“It breaks my heart na kailangan ko pa humiram sa kanya. Multiple times. Multiple times ding denied. Thjere was only one instance na nagrant nya. When I was about to pay, she insisted na wag ko na bayaran. Tita Raquel, hindi niya po ako nabayaran sa song na Pahinga. She used that song sa Braver tour. Pati sa concerts abroad. Malaki kinita ng Patawad Album. Pero wala man lang binigay sa akin kahit yung tinatawag na mechanical royalty.” Lolito said.

“Tapos co-composer na sya ng song just by tweaking a few lines. Kung gusto nya ako magshine or kung gusto nya ako tulungan, she could have given me proper credits,” he added.

The composer stated that he was willing to take the matter to court. Lolito also produced a screen screenshot of his supposed chat with Moira to show his credibility.

“Kahit umabot pa tayo sa demandahan, mapaninindigan ko ang laban na to,” he said.

Moira Mom Lolito Go

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