Lady Teacher Films Herself Confronting 2 Students Who Allegedly Cheat on Exam

Lady Teacher

Lady Teacher Confronts 2 Students Who Allegedly Cheat on Exam A lady teacher filmed herself while confronting two students who allegedly cheated on their periodical exams. Exam is a test given to students to assess their academic knowledge and learning for a certain period of time. It plays an important role in education because it encourages learners … Read more

‘Paos’ Teacher Earns Praises for Discussing Lessons Despite Condition

‘Paos’ Teacher

‘Paos’ Teacher Earns Praises for Her Dedication to Teach Students Despite Her Illness A ‘paos’ teacher earns praises from the online community for discussing lessons to students despite her condition. Teacher is a personnel working either in private or public schools to teach academic knowledge to students. They were tasked to help students to acquire knowledge, … Read more

Lady Teacher Arrested Over Alleged “Pangingikil”

Lady Teacher

Cops Arrest Lady Teacher Arrested for Extorting Money from Victim The police authorities arrested a lady teacher who also works as a real estate broke over extortion charges. The authorities launched an entrapment operation to arrest a female public school teacher over extortion charges. The lady suspect sidelines as a real estate broker aside from … Read more