Grade 7 Student Takes Selfie w/ Teacher Using Keypad Phone

Grade 7 Student

Grade 7 Student Takes Selfie w/ Teacher Using Keypad Phone A grade 7 student using a keypad phone to take a selfie with his teacher captured the attention of the internet. Many people nowadays use high-tech devices for a variety of purposes. The majority of us use it for communication, entertainment, socialization, and interacting with … Read more

Cristy to Sharon Cuneta Bashers: “Praktikalidad ang iniisp niya”

Cristy Fermin Defends Sharon Cuneta from Critics Over Keypad Phone Veteran showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin defended the Megastar Sharon Cuneta from bashers who questioned her keypad phone gift for her son. After Cristy Fermin’s post regarding Miguel Pangilinan’s basic phone went viral, she defended “Megastar” Sharon Cuneta from her critics on the “Cristy Ferminute” show. … Read more

Netizens to Sharon Cuneta Giving Keypad Phone: “Kaplastikan”

Sharon Cuneta Keypad Phone

Netizens Criticized Sharon Cuneta for Giving a Keypad Phone to Her Son Netizens questioned the Megastar Sharon Cuneta for allegedly giving his son Miguel a keypad phone for his birthday. It appears that some online users have criticized and questioned Sharon’s birthday present to her son Miguel. Sharon posted the image of Miguel holding the … Read more