Netizens to Sharon Cuneta Giving Keypad Phone: “Kaplastikan”

Netizens Criticized Sharon Cuneta for Giving a Keypad Phone to Her Son

Netizens questioned the Megastar Sharon Cuneta for allegedly giving his son Miguel a keypad phone for his birthday.

It appears that some online users have criticized and questioned Sharon’s birthday present to her son Miguel. Sharon posted the image of Miguel holding the present his millionaire mother gave them to Instagram.

Her tweet revealed that Miguel would turn 13 on October 29. She claimed that she made a basic phone call to her other children in addition to Miguel.

“Someone is turning 13 on [October 29 and 27]. He likes ‘having two birthdays’ and got a new, simple phone!” said Megastar.

“All my kids started with simple cellphones! Look how happy he was to finally get one!” she said in her Instagram post.

The internet community does not appear to be persuaded that Miguel merely has a basic phone, though. Internet users questioned why she was giving away a basic phone when she had recently purchased expensive and opulent stuff abroad. Some people even referred to it as “kaplastikan” and “feeling humble.”

“Wow… feeling humble… who would believe that your son’s phone is just a “SIMPLE PHONE”… If you can get Hermes/Louis Vitton, then your son just has a SIMPLE PHONE… that’s plastic… don’t sharon us..” said Jo Ann Blanco.

“Shawie is so shallow, who would believe that you would give a cp like that to your son, don’t use the humble effect.” said Zenaida Balancio.

Despite this, other online users, particularly her admirers, backed her and explained why she only gave her son a basic phone. The worth of the phone is not Sharon’s point; discipline is.

They only permitted Miggy to have a cellphone at that age since they obviously didn’t want their son to become addicted to his phone, nor a smartphone where he could readily access enticing apps or websites. When it’s a phone like that, they primarily use it for calls and texts, keeping in touch.


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