Paolo Ballesteros Reacts To Netizen Linking Maine Mendoza To Juancho Trivino

Paolo Ballesteros Responds to Netizen’s Comment on His Post PAOLO BALLESTEROS – Kapuso actor-television host Paolo Ballesteros reacted to a comment of a netizen on his social media post. Undeniably, two of the people who are close to actor-TV host Paolo Ballesteros are loveteam partners Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards. The three celebrities are all … Read more

Juancho Trivino Asked If He’s Courting Maine Mendoza

Juancho Trivino, Maine Mendoza

Is Juancho Trivino courting actress Maine Mendoza? JUANCHO TRIVINO – Kapuso actor Juancho Trivino set the record straight on his relationship with actress-television host Maine Mendoza now. Undeniably, there are rumors linking Kapuso star Maine Mendoza to actor Juancho Trivino after the two celebrities were spotted on several occasions together. The two celebrities are close … Read more

Juancho Trivino Gets Criticized Following Response To Basher

Juancho Trivino responds to a basher. JUANCHO TRIVINO – The Kapuso actor Juancho Trivino responded to a basher but his response received criticisms from the people of the social media platform. Juancho Trivino is one of the actors of the Kapuso network. He is also known as one of the friends “for keeps” of the … Read more

LOOK: Maine Mendoza’s Fans Criticize Juancho Trivino

Maine Mendoza, Juancho Trivino

Juancho Trivino Earns Negative Comments From Maine Mendoza’s Fans MAINE MENDOZA – Young Kapuso actress Maine Mendoza’s fans and supporters threw negative comments towards Kapuso actor Juancho Trivino. Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza is half of the phenomenal loveteam ‘AlDub’. She worked together with her loveteam partner Alden Richards on several projects including the movie Imagine You … Read more

Maine Mendoza Watching LANY Concert With Juancho Trivino Receives Comments From AlDub Fans

Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza watched LANY concert with Juancho Trivino. MAINE MENDOZA – The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza watching the LANY concert with Juancho Trivino has received comments from AlDub fans. According to a previous article, the Dubsmash Queen Maine Mendoza watched the LANY concert with her friend Juancho Trivino. Maine, Juancho, and together with Sheena Halili … Read more