JK Labajo Still Angry Over Mother’s Untimely Death

JK Labajo Opens Up About His Mother’s Death

JK LABAJO – Singer-songwriter JK Labajo revealed he still suffers from anger 11 years after his mom’s untimely death.

Kapamilya singer-actor JK Labajo is still angry and regrets the early death of his mother in 2013 due to pancreatic cancer. Even though several years have passed since he was left by his mother, he still misses her as a son who grew up without a mother’s love and guidance.

Despite JK’s current fame, not only as a singer-songwriter but also as a talented actor, he still wishes that his mother were alive to see the results of all his hard work. JK first became known when he joined ‘The Voice Kids’ in 2014, a year after his mother’s death.

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In an interview on the ABS-CBN program, JK Labajo mentioned that he never dreamed of experiencing everything he has now as an artist.

“I never dreamed of any of this. I grew up with my lola and my uncle and my mom had a different family.

“So the only time that we would bond is when she would go with me to these different kinds of auditions. Kasi I just loved singing.

“She would be like a stage mom. That was like our main strong bonding moment together,” statement by Juan Karlos who popularized the hit songs “Buwan” and “Ere.”

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Photo Source: @juankarlos IG

According to JK, his mother died just before he auditioned for “The Voice Kids”.

“She passed away, because of cancer, and then five days after she passed I saw on television, The Voice Kids audition.

“Now, again I didn’t see that and like ‘Oh, wow I can finally achieve, like try and get to my goals’. It was more of like, a homage to my mom.

“From my perspective as a 12-year-old, I was like ‘Go sige, gawin ko for mama.’ Di na niya na abutan yun, di na niya nalaman yun.

“Kasi nawala na siya, so parang for me ‘Oh, sige try natin, Ma. Last time,’” he said.

Every time he performs on stage, he always remembers his mom, “No fail, ever since before I started performing, every time before I go onstage I always say a little prayer with my mom and also my lola and my papa.

“And so that’s something that never left me. Last Saturday, I was in Bohol. It was a great festival. So I was singing and doing my thing and all of a sudden, I was like in my brain, ‘How did I get here?’

“It was my mom who would always say everything happens for a reason, ‘yun yung lagi niyang iniiwan sa akin,” said JK.

He admitted in the interview, “And am I pissed that I lost her as a kid and she died way too young?

“Yes! I’m mad still. Unfair, it’s always unfair. But I do believe na she’s somewhere out there in the crowd,” he added.

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