JK Labajo Won Hearts of Netizens for Putting Baby’s Safety First at His Concert

JK Labajo Earns Praise From Netizens for Prioritizing Baby’s Safety First at His Concert

JK Labajo won the hearts of netizens with his considerate act towards a two-month-old baby at one of his concerts.

Juan Karlos Labajo, a Filipino alternative rock artist showed his caring side during a performance by prioritizing the safety of a baby. His kind and considerate gesture earn praise from the online community.

On March 23, 2024, a Facebook user ‘LifeofEs’ shared a video of the 23-year-old singer’s tender moment with the infant in the audience. The video immediately spread like wildfire on social media.

JK Labajo

In the video, Juan Karlos can be seen attending to the baby, expressing his concern over the loud music and explicit language in one of his songs, “Ere.” The singer voiced his concern and questioned the baby’s parents why they would subject the infant to the distressing sounds of his music.

“Two months? Ba’t mo pinaparinig ng ERE yung bata? Two months pa lang. Maaga. Wag,” he reiterated.

Labajo emphasized the importance of considering the child’s age and vulnerability, urging them to prioritize the baby’s well-being over momentary enjoyment.

JK urged the adults to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety, recognizing the sensitivity of the baby’s ears. He even asked the audience if they had earmuffs or any form of noise protection to protect the infant against the potential harm of loud sounds.

The 23-year-old singer took a moment to educate the audience about the sensitivity of young children’s hearing, especially those aged one year and below.

Despite his gratitude for the support from his fans, he emphasized the importance of prioritizing a child’s safety above all else. “Maraming salamat sa suporta, pero please, alagaan niyo si baby,” he added.

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The social media users expressed their admiration for the compassionate gesture of JK Labajo:

JK Labajo

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