Maureen Wroblewitz On Being Friends w/ JK Labajo

Is Maureen Wroblewitz ready to be friends with her ex-boyfriend?

Model-actress Maureen Wroblewitz has this answer when asked if she is ready to reconnect her friendship with her ex-boyfriend singer-songwriter JK Labajo.

Maureen and JK broke up in 2022. The model-actress is now in a relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend Noah Steinbuch. Just recently, JK shared a post on Instagram showing the sweetness between him and Miss Universe Philippines-Cavite Dia Mate. With this, it was speculated that JK has a new girlfriend.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Manila Bulletin, Maureen was asked if she is open to being friends again with JK.

maureen wroblewitz
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The model-actress said that this might happen in the future but not sooner. “Maybe one day, but I think we’re kinda like trying to find ourselves separately, and I think that’s good,” Maureen Wroblewitz said.

She also said that she is happy that they are both pursuing their projects. Maureen said that JK has been doing well in his music, as well as his stints in acting. For her part, she is trying to go back to modeling. “We’re doing well individually,” she said.

She was also asked to react to JK’s song Ere. The singer-songwriter previously admitted that it was his breakup with Maureen that inspired him to write this song.

Yeah! It’s gonna kind of like a delayed… a delayed song. Because it takes very long to release a song. So it’s just happened to be last year, but for sure it’s like it should have been before,” Maureen shared.

However, she stressed that it does not mean that JK has not moved on yet. She said that it was just because it is not easy to release a song.

About her relationship with her boyfriend who is also a model, Maureen said that they are just lowkey and happy. She added that this is more like working on herself and she has discovered a lot. What they have helps her grow and she is prioritizing herself.

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