Jillian Ward Porsche Car Price Range, Shares Next Goal

Jillian Ward Porsche Car

After working for many years, Jillian Ward rewards herself with her dream car and her next goal is this. JILLIAN WARD PORSCHE CAR – Young actress Jillian Ward is on to her next goal after accomplishing her dream Porsche car. At the age of 17, young Kapuso actress Jillian Ward achieves her dream car – … Read more

Jillian Ward Receives 40 Cakes During Her Birthday Celebration

Jillian Ward Flaunt Her Over 40 Cakes Received During Her Birthday Celebration The Kapuso young actress Jillian Ward flaunts her over 40 pieces of cakes received as she celebrated her sweet 16th birthday. On Instagram, Jillian Ward shares she received more than 40 cakes on her birthday. The young star’s Instagram shows a picture of … Read more

Lexi Lore Sharing Photos of Jillian Ward Goes Viral, Netizens React

Netizens React to Lexi Lore Sharing Photos of Jillian Ward in her Facebook Page Filipinos netizens have been wondering and react to Lexi Lore why she is sharing the photos of Jillian Ward in her Facebook page. On the Facebook page of the adult film star, Lexi Lore has shared some photos posted by Jillian … Read more