Jerry Gracio Reacts to #NasaanAngPangulo Amid Typhoon Paeng

Jerry Gracio Reacts to #NasaanAngPangulo of Netizens Amid Typhoon Paeng Kapamilya writer Jerry Gracio reacts to netizens’ #NasaanAngPangulo trending on Twitter at the height of Typhoon Paeng. During Paeng’s landfall in several areas of the Philippines, an award-winning writer shared his emotions and ideas about how netizens were looking for President Bongbong Marcos and Vice … Read more

Jerry Gracio to Jinggoy’s K-Drama Ban Call: “Plunderers i-ban ninyo”

Jerry Gracio Reacts to Jinggoy Estrada’s Call to Ban K-Drama in the Philippines Kapamilya party-list nominee Jerry Gracio reacts to Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s call to ban Korean drama (K-Drama) in the Philippines. Senator Jinggoy Estrada’s proposal to forbid the broadcasting of Korean drama throughout the nation gets a response from Grácio on Twitter. It will … Read more

Jerry Gracio to VP Sara Mandarin: “Parang butchikik without music”

Jerry Gracio Chides Video VP Sara Duterte Speaking in Mandarin Kapamilya writer Jerry Gracio chides the video of Vice President Sara Duterte-Carpio speaking in Mandarin to greet the People’s Republic of China. Jerry Gracio, the nominee for the failed Kapamilya party list, tweeted his opinions over VP Sara’s Mandarin speaking. A video of the vice … Read more

ABS-CBN Writer Called Villar’s Media Company as “Capalmella Channel”

“Capalmella Channel” Dubbed to Manny Villar Media Company An ABS-CBN writer called the media company of the billionaire Manny Villar as the “Capalmella Channel” after owning the channel. Jerry Gracio, an award-winning ABS-CBN writer and a member of the ‘Kapamilya ng Manggagawang Pilipino’ partylist, reprimanded Villar’s media enterprise. This came when they were given ownership … Read more