Former INC Minister Lowell Menorca and His Family Are Missing

The controversial former Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Minister Lowell Menorca II and his family are now missing as revealed by his legal counsel before the Court of Appeals. The former INC minister was supposed to appear before the Court of Appeals for the continuation of his cross examination. The counsel of Menorc filed a writ … Read more

INC Denies Report About the Boycott Order on TV Network & Print Media

One of the country’s most powerful religious sect, the Iglesia Ni Cristo church denied the allegations thrown at them that they release a boycott order on various TV networks, print media and some local news media organization. Based upon several posts on social media claimed that INC’s Templo Central had directed its members not to … Read more

INC Official Denies Allegations on Menorca’s Controversial Arrest

Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) one of the country’s most influential church and religious organization denied their involvement in the allegations that they were behind the arrest of the former INC minister Lowell Menorca. An official from INC has asked its former minister Lowell Menorca to just face the arrest warrant issued against him. Here’s the … Read more

(Viral Video) Former INC Minister Lowell Menorca Arrested by Cops in Civilian Clothes

The controversial and former Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) Minister Lowell Menorca was supposed to attend a hearing at the Court of Appeals in Manila but before that a commotion ensued along Quirino Highway near Roxas Boulevard after Menorca resisted arrest. See Also: INC Denies Involvement in Menorca’s Arrest Watch the Viral Video of the Menorca’s … Read more

Ousted INC Minister Lowell Menorca Faces Illegal Detention Raps

The expelled Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) minister Lowell Menorca II who made headlines earlier after he admitted that he was abducted by the INC is now facing his own case. Together with his wife, Jinky, the couple are facing a complaint of serious illegal detention filed by the parents of Menorca’s househelp, Abegail Yanson. The … Read more

Pres. Aquino Says Government Should Not Favor Any Religion Amidst INC Case

The highest official of the Philippines, President Benigno S. Aquino III preached about the separation of the church and state, saying that the government should not favor any religion. The statement of the President came amidst the recent controversy involving the alleged abduction of a former INC minister. President Aquino’s statement was released during the … Read more

INC Bags New Guinness World Record for the Movie “Felix Manalo”

The country’s largest non-Catholic religious organization, Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) made another headlines as they bagged two new world records with its worldwide premier of the biopic “Felix Manalo” on Sunday, October 4, 2015. INC broke the current Guinness world record for the largest audience for a film screening of the movie featuring Dennis Trillo … Read more

100,000 Members Expected to Attend an INC Rally in Davao City

A massive rally of the powerful Iglesia Ni Cristo church will be held in Davao City with an estimated 100,000 members are expected to join the gathering, considered as the largest protest in Southern Mindanao. An estimated 22 districts in Mindanao are expected to participate in the four-day gathering in Davao City. The city government … Read more