Delivery Rider Lost Consciousness While Performing Duty Amid Scorching Heat of Sun

Delivery Rider

Heartbreaking Photos of Delivery Rider Who Lost Consciousness While Performing Duty Amid Scorching Heat of the Sun Elicit Reactions Online A delivery rider has lost his consciousness while performing his duty amid the scorching heat of the sun. Delivery riders are enduring the hardships and difficulties of their jobs just to earn money for their … Read more

Food Delivery Riders Scammed & Victimized by Fake Booking in Las Piñas City

Food Delivery Riders

Poor Food Delivery Riders Scammed in Las Piñas City Earned Public’s Sympathy Several food delivery riders expressed their disappointed after they were scammed and victimized by fake booking in Las Piñas City. The Facebook page “GMA News” reported that the about five food delivery employees have been victimized by a fake booking. The post is … Read more

Grab Food Rider Riding Horse Goes Viral Online – PhilNews

Grab Food Rider

Video of Grab Food Rider Riding Horse Circulates Online The video footage of a Grab Food rider riding a horse immediately spread like a wildfire online and earns reactions from netizens. Nowadays, Grab employees are being considered as one of the frontliners for providing food delivery services despite the health crisis. These riders are enduring … Read more

Grab Food Rider Shares Sentiments After Being Belittled for His Job “Naggagrab kana lang pala?”

Grab Food Rider

Grab Food Rider Shares Reaction After His Highschool Mate Told Him “Naggagrab kana lang pala?” A Grab Food rider shared his sentiments after being belittled for his job by his highschool mate saying “Naggagrab kana lang pala?”. Nowadays, Grab Food employees are also considered as frontliners for delivering food to their customers and continue to … Read more

Kind Cop Gave $100 to Grab Food Rider at Checkpoint

Kind Cop

Grab Food Rider Receives $100 From Kind Cop at Checkpoint A kind cop identified as Sirjohn Nacino gave $100 to a Grab Food rider who commit a minor traffic violation at a checkpoint. The Facebook page “Philippine trends and news” has shared the photos of a kind-hearted policeman identified as Sir. Sirjon Nacino. The photos … Read more