Dos and Don’ts in Watering Plants

watering plants

Things you should consider in watering plants WATERING PLANTS – Here are the dos and don’ts in watering the plants that you should know. Water plays a very important role in the life and survival of all plants. It is also essential in transporting nutrients from the soil. Without water, a plant becomes dry, wither, … Read more

Gardening Gadgets Under P2,000 You Can Buy Online


Gardening Gadgets Under P2,000 Online GARDENING GADGETS – Here are the unique gardening gadgets available online and cost less than P2,000. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned a lot of Pinoys to try home gardening. To cope with the quarantine that forced us to stay at home in the past 6 months, a new wave of … Read more

PHOTOS: Filipino Celebrities Who Loves Farming, Gardening

Filipino celebrities farming

These Filipino Celebrities Get Fruits, Veggies from Their Own Farm FILIPINO CELEBRITIES – These Filipino celebrities found happiness in farming and gardening Due to the “enhanced community quarantine,” people are getting more creative. Some of them discovered that they actually have talents in dancing or singing and share their videos on social media like TikTok. … Read more