Dos and Don’ts in Watering Plants

Things you should consider in watering plants

WATERING PLANTS – Here are the dos and don’ts in watering the plants that you should know.

watering plants

Water plays a very important role in the life and survival of all plants. It is also essential in transporting nutrients from the soil.

Without water, a plant becomes dry, wither, and eventually dies. That’s why it’s important to maintain its presence whether a plant is situated in the garden, pot, and more.

However, there are things you should consider while watering them.

Previously, we’re able to learn the best time in watering the plants. The best time to water them is during the early morning and during the late afternoon or early evening.

But, did you know that there are dos and dont’s in watering the plants?

Here are the dos and dont’s in watering plants:


  • Hydrate plants in the morning.
  • Water plants at soil level.
  • Water outdoor container plants at least once per day.
  • Use a wand to water container plants.
  • Check moisture levels.
  • Use a watering can for houseplants.
  • Choose the right soil.
  • Check a soil moisture gauge.
  • Water less in winter and more in spring.
  • Wick while you’re away.


  • Don’t use broadcast sprinklers.
  • Don’t water too frequently or too little.
  • Don’t forget that trees need water, too.
  • Don’t water container plants with a jet-type spray nozzle.
  • Don’t rely on rain.
  • Don’t water houseplants with treated softened water.
  • Don’t use a potting mix that’s overly water-retentive.
  • Don’t put houseplants in pots without drainage holes.
  • Don’t forget to dump the water collection tray.
  • Don’t overwater.

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