Gardening Tips: What you need to know about growing your own food

These are the gardening tips you need to know in having your own garden or planting area at home

Gardening Tips – These past few years, gardening has become a hobby for many people and some concentrated on growing their own food at home.

Starting a garden or gardening, basically, needs knowledge and patience. As Diane Blazek, executive director of the National Garden Bureau, said, gardening is like a science project because it will “require trial and error, and mistakes are OK!” based on the article in Reader’s Digest.

gardening tips
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“That’s the best way to learn,” Blazek added. Although this kind of activity at home can be exciting and intimidating at the same time, one can cultivate the plants whether it is in a huge garden or simply just a tiny balcony.

One thing to remember is to choose the vegetable and fruits that you like the most. Then, know about their growing season. If this still sounds so complicated, try growing your own herbs because they require less maintenance. This will also warm you up in getting comfortable with gardening.

Growing your own food at home has a lot of benefits. Aside from being good for the environment, you can also assure that the food you are eating has no pesticides. With available fruits and vegetables at home most of the time, you always eat healthy food as well. Another benefit is that you can definitely save money.

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However, there are disadvantages also. Gardening requires time and you have to have a space at home for your garden or your plants. You will also spend money to buy gardening tools, soil, and compost but you can make your own, and of course, seeds or plants. Another factor to consider is Mother Nature.

Here are some gardening tips regarding the things you must consider in growing your own food at home.

Your plants need to get ample sunlight, so know in what area of your house the sunlight can reach. Different plants also need different amount of sunlight and this is another factor that you should consider.

Be aware of your climate zone as well in order to know what plant you need to grow. You have to consider also the period of time a certain plant needs in order to grow because this might affect it.

gardening tips
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You need to check the soil because it is where the plants primarily get their food. Garden centers or local nurseries can assist you with the soil test to determine if the soil has lead or toxins. It is also advised to have soil rich in organic matter.

Pick up the soil in your hand and have it roll through your fingers. If it’s dark and crumbles, it usually has a ton of organic matter,” Allison Zeeb, account and product manager for home gardening at Takii Europe, said. If it is like clay, then, you need to add more organic matter.

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