Mariel Padilla Reveals Robin Padilla’s Request For His 53rd Birthday

Mariel Padilla, Robin Padilla 3

Robin Padilla Turns 53, Mariel Padilla Reveals Husband’s Birthday Wish MARIEL PADILLA – Host Mariel Padilla caught the attention of netizens after revealing the birthday request of her husband Robin Padilla. Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is the wife of actor-turned-senator Robin Padilla. They are blessed with two kids Isabella and Gabriella. After taking a break from the … Read more

Mariel Padilla Shares Photo Of Her Handsome Dad

Mariel Padilla & Dad 2

Netizens Amazed At How Youthful-Looking Mariel Padilla’s Dad Is MARIEL PADILLA – Lots of netizens said Mariel Padilla’s dad looks young while others noted her father’s resemblance to her second child, Gabriella. Mariel Padilla is a well-known actress and tv host in the Philippines. She became even more successful after launching her own YouTube channel. … Read more

Mariel Padilla In Fury Over Netizen’s Comment About Her Upcoming Baby Girl

Mariel Padilla

Mariel Padilla addresses offensive comment about her upcoming daughter. MARIEL PADILLA – Kapamilya host Mariel Padilla lambasted when someone made this offensive comment about her second daughter. A baby is a blessing. And for someone who have lost her two babies due to miscarriages, Mariel Padilla surely cherishes her daughter Isabella and feels so blesses … Read more