Mariel Padilla Shares Photo Of Her Handsome Dad

Netizens Amazed At How Youthful-Looking Mariel Padilla’s Dad Is

MARIEL PADILLA – Lots of netizens said Mariel Padilla’s dad looks young while others noted her father’s resemblance to her second child, Gabriella.

Mariel Padilla is a well-known actress and tv host in the Philippines. She became even more successful after launching her own YouTube channel. Apart from vlogging, she also discovered her fondness for selling luxury items online.

Lots of people loved Mariel’s high energy. The former Pinoy Big Brother host also offers customers “free shipping” and entertains netizens coming from other countries.

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📷: Mariel.Padilla YT Channel

Mariel Padilla is married to actor Robin Padilla, with whom she has 2 children – Isabella and Gabriela. Her husband is now a senator.

She uploaded some pictures taken at the oath-taking of her husband. She also thanked former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for attending the event.

The 37-year-old celebrity expressed how proud she is of Binoy, who she believes will be an amazing senator. Mariel said her hubby is one of those people who are destined to excel despite enormous challenges. Last February, Robin revealed that his wife paid for his campaign expenses.

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Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

Recently, Mariel Padilla shared a heartwarming photo with her handsome dad. She uploaded it on her IG page and happily welcomed her dad home. She wrote, “Welcome home dad.”

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

Mariel’s post immediately gained comments from the netizens. As of this writing her post has already received 3,822 likes and gained comments from netizens.

Most of the netizens noticed that Mariel’s dad looks young. Some of them also noticed her dad’s resemblance to her second child Gabriela.  Here are some of their comments on the post:

Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG
Photo Source: @marieltpadilla IG

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