Top Fast Food Chains in the Philippines – Food Industry

Top Fast Food Chains

Here is the List of Top Fast Food Chains in the Philippines Here is the list of top fast food chains in Philippines offering delicious yet affordable foods for the Filipino people. Although there are several good dining venues nearby, most Filipino people choose to eat fast food because it is convenient and affordable. Fast foods … Read more

Burger King: Reason Why Fast Food Giant Ask Fans To Order From McDonald’s

Burger King & McDonalds

Why Is Burger King Telling Customers To Order From McDonald’s BURGER KING – Here is the reason why fast-food giant Burger King is telling their customers to order from its long-time rival McDonald’s. The 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic has affected the global food industry for months now. Governments and health officials ordered to close down … Read more

McDo Branch In Dumaguete Bans Studying, Netizens React

McDonald’s Branch in Dumaguete Bans Studying Inside Establishment McDonald’s – A certain McDonald’s branch in Dumaguete gets slammed by netizens for banning studying inside their establishment. A student named Ian Rosales Casocot shared a photo on twitter of an announcement made by the McDonald’s branch. It stated that students are requested not to study in … Read more

List of Hilarious Copycat Fast-Food Chains All Around The World

Copycat Fast-Food Chains

Craziest Copycat Fast-Food Chains Worldwide Here is the list of some hilarious copycat fast-food chains all around the world imitating the features of the store they are copying. Earlier this week, JoyRulBee, the Chinese version of the popular Philippine fast-food chain Jollibee goes viral online. The copycat store garnered various reactions from the online community … Read more