Customer Disappointed After Being Denied Ketchup for Purchased Burger at Fast-Food Chain


Lady Customer Expresses Dismay After Being Denied Ketchup for Purchased Burger A lady customer expressed her frustration after a fast-food restaurant allegedly refused to provide her with ketchup for her purchased burger. Recently, Lorinda de Guzman, a Facebook user, shared her experience with a well-known fast-food chain. The post quickly circulated on social media and … Read more

Senior Citizen Customer Lauds Fast-Food Chain: “Iniisip ang safety ng mga seniors”

Senior Citizen

Senior Citizen Customer Expresses Admiration to Popular Fast-Food Chain for Prioritizing Safety of Elderlies A senior citizen customer lauded a popular fast-food chain for ensuring the safety of elderlies “Iniisip ang safety ng mga seniors.” Wilma Navea Maño, a Facebook user, expressed her admiration towards Jollibee, a popular fast-food chain in the Philippines for showing … Read more

Customer to Undersized Fried Chicken: “Chicken Nyo ay Isang sisiw at Isang malaking budol”


Customer Expresses Disappointment Over Undersized Fried Chicken, Sparks Reactions Online A male customer voiced his dissatisfaction with the allegedly undersized fried chicken he received from a popular fast-food chain. Jhune Miano, a Facebook user, shared a photo of what he claimed to be an undersized fried chicken from the said fast-food chain. The post quickly … Read more

Female Customer Slams Popular Fast-Food Chain Over Poor Quality Service

Female Customer

Female Customer Shares Unpleasant Experience at Popular Fast-Food Chain A female customer lambasted a branch of a popular fast-food chain in Sorsogon due to its poor quality service. A Facebook user named Arabele Tolentino Banaag expressed her disappointment over what she perceived as poor service at the Mang Inasal, Sorsogon Sirangan Branch. The post garnered … Read more