Worker Dies After Being Trapped in Caloocan Fire


A worker passed away after being trapped in a burning LPG store in Caloocan. Three other houses were affected by the fire. Based on witness reports, Fire Senior Inspector Elyzer Rubel Leal of the Bureau of Fire Protection-Caloocan claims that the 25-year-old victim was allegedly drunk, which made it more difficult for him to get … Read more

Employee Loses His Life in Fire at LPG Store in Caloocan


Male Employee Dies After Being Trapped in a Burning LPG Store A male employee lost his life after being trapped in a burning LPG store in Barangay 176, North Caloocan. Fires can be incredibly dangerous and destructive events that pose serious risks to both life and property. They can start for various reasons, including accidents, … Read more

Worker Blamed After Officemate Developed Allergies From Stolen Lunch


A worker was being blamed by their Human Resources Department after his officemate developed allergies from a stolen lunch. The worker’s lunch went missing from the office refrigerator, and later, a colleague reported experiencing severe allergic reactions. However, the HR department summoned them for a meeting, alleging that they were the cause of their colleague’s … Read more

Employee Summoned to HR After Co-Worker Developed Allergies from Stolen Lunch


Employee Summoned to HR Over Lunch Mishap An employee was summoned to the Human Resources Department after his co-worker developed allergies from a stolen lunch. A Reddit user ‘Away_Explanation6639” shared an incident where a worker found themselves summoned to the Human Resource Department over a lunch mishap. His officemate developed allergies after consuming stolen ‘okoy,’ … Read more

Job Applicant Asking About Salary Receives Inappropriate Response From Digital Creator

Job Applicant

A digital creator received negative reactions from the netizens due to her inappropriate response to a job applicant inquiring about salary. Daisy Borja faces backlash after criticizing a job applicant asking about the salary instead of submitting the required documents. The businesswoman went on to explain that she didn’t want to waste time dealing with … Read more

Chowking Issues Statement Over Employee Required to Find Customers


Chowking Releases Official Statement Over Lady Employee Ordered by Manager to Find Customers The popular fast-food chain Chowking has released a statement addressing the recent controversy surrounding an employee who was tasked with finding customers. Chowking, a popular fast-food chain, has become a household name in the Philippines, known for its delicious fusion of Chinese … Read more

Employer Takes Newborn Baby of Her Employee from Hospital

Employer Caught Taking Newborn Baby of Her Employee from a Hospital in Angeles City A lady employer was caught on camera taking the newborn baby of her employee from a hospital in Angeles City, Pampanga. Authorities apprehended a woman after she reportedly whisked away her employee’s newborn infant at a hospital in Pampanga. According to … Read more

Construction Worker’s Conversation w/ Fellow Employee Touches Hearts of Netizens

Construction Worker

‘KAHIT ANONG MANGYARI, LABAN LANG’: Inspiring Words from a Construction Worker A construction worker’s conversation with his fellow employee touches the heats of the online community. In a heartwarming Facebook post, a netizen named Lando, a construction worker, shared a conversation he had with his co-worker while they were on a bus. The post carried … Read more