Ellen Adarna Shares Son Elias Inherits This Trait Of Derek

Ellen Adarna

Elias, according to Ellen Adarna has inherited this trait from Derek Ramsay. ELLEN ADARNA – Son of Ellen Adara, Elias Modesto, has this “namana” trait from actor Derek Ramsay, his stepfather. Elias Modesto is the son of Ellen Adarna with John Lloyd Cruz. After a couple of years of being together, the two broke up … Read more

Ellen Adarna Shares Her and Elias’ Passport & VISA Photos

Ellen Adarna

This is what Ellen Adarna and Elias look like in their passport and VISA IDs. ELLEN ADARNA – Famous television personality Ellen Adarna posts her photo for her passport and VISA and here are the comments. Elias Modesto is the son of celebrities Ellen Adarna with John Lloyd Cruz. They have this healthy and peaceful co-parenting … Read more

Ellen Adarna Shares “Whale” Photos During Pregnancy

Ellen Adarna Pregnant

“Whale” photos shared by Ellen Adarna during pregnancy catches attention online. ELLEN ADARNA – Famous actress Ellen Adarna gives in to a request from netizens and shares photos of her while she was pregnant with Elias. Former couple John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna escaped the limelight before so suddenly to the shock of many … Read more

Ellen Adarna, John Lloyd Cruz, & Derek Ramsay Meme Goes Viral

Ellen Adarna

Amid the intrigues between Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay, a meme including John Lloyd Cruz went viral online. ELLEN ADARNA – Actor Janus Del Prado posts meme of Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay with “Popoy”, John Lloyd Cruz’s iconic role. Currently a hot topic online are the photos of Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay where … Read more

Ellen Adarna & John Lloyd Cruz Rumored Split, Lolit Solis Reacts

Ellen Adarna

Lolit Solis reacts to the rumored split of Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz. ELLEN ADARNA – Veteran showbiz reporter Lolit Solis has this reaction over the rumored split of controversial celebrities Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz. Several months of being together hiding away from public about their activities and keeping their lives private … Read more