Vice Ganda Received “Pinakamalakas Na Sampal” From Maricel Soriano

Vice Ganda and Maricel Soriano

Netizens have these comments when Maricel Soriano revealed Vice Ganda received the strongest slap from her. A “sampal” from Maricel Soriano is a dream come true to many celebrities and Vice Ganda is accordingly the one who received the strongest “sampal”. “Diamond Star” Maricel Soriano is known for her fervent acting and realistic slapping scenes. … Read more

Maricel Soriano To Those Who Wants To Experience Her ‘Sampal’

maricel soriano

Maricel Soriano is also popular because of her “sampal” Diamond Star Maricel Soriano has this message for actors and actresses who want to experience her famous “sampal.” Maricel is also tagged “Taray Queen” in the entertainment industry but she said that she did not know how this started. There are several movies that showcased her … Read more

Maricel Soriano Reacts To Her “Taray Queen” Tag

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Maricel Soriano has another moniker, aside from Diamond Star Diamond Star Maricel Soriano was surprised that people were also calling her “Taray Queen”. Maricel earned the Diamond Star moniker for her acting prowess. She is known for her caliber in delivering a dramatic scene. She is also known for her “sampal.” There are many celebrities … Read more

Maricel Soriano Doesn’t Care If Newbies Ignore Her

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Maricel Soriano Does Not Mind If Young Actors Ignore Her MARICEL SORIANO – Diamond Star Maricel Soriano said she does not mind if newbies ignore her. Maricel Soriano got her start in the entertainment business as a child star. She eventually succeeded in making a reputation for herself as one of the top actors of … Read more

Maricel Soriano Reveals What Pushed Her To Do Vlogging

Maricel Soriano

This is why Maricel Soriano, the Diamond Star, did vlogging like the others. MARICEL SORIANO – Diamond Star Maricel Soriano shares the reason why she turned to vlogging and her experience. Recently joining the pool of celebrities becoming content creators on YouTube is Maricel Soriano. Her channel now has more than 200k subscribers and the … Read more

Maricel Soriano Reveals She Wants To Interview These 2 Young Actors

Maricel Soriano talked about her YouTube channel Diamond Star Maricel Soriano revealed that she wants to interview these two young actors on her YouTube channel. Maricel has joined the vlogging arena. She has featured several celebrity guests on her vlogs. In a recent interview on the YouTube channel of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz, the seasoned … Read more

Kim Chiu Flexes Expensive “Pamana” From Maricel Soriano

Kim, Chiu, Maricel Soriano 4

Kim Chiu Receives “Pamana” From Maricel Soriano KIM CHIU – Check out Diamond Star Maricel Soriano’s expensive “pamana” to Kapamilya star Kim Chiu. Maricel Soriano started out in the entertainment industry as a young child star. She ultimately was able to establish a name for herself as one of the leading actors of her time. … Read more