Woman Tries To Prove Coronavirus Is Fake, Catches Virus & Dies

Woman Tries To Prove Coronavirus Is Fake, Gets Killed By Virus In The Process CORONAVIRUS CONSPIRACY THEORISTS – A woman trying to prove COVID-19 was fake has died from the virus she was trying to disprove. In a sad but ironic turn of events, a 30-year-old conspiracy theorist went to a “COVID-19 Party” to try … Read more

COVID-19 Parties – Students Throw Parties To Spread COVID-19

Students From Alabama Throw COVID-19 Parties To Spread The Virus ALABAMA, USA – College Students who knew they were infected with COVID-19 threw parties with the sole intention of spreading the disease. According to authorities, the students were from Tuscaloosa in Alabama, USA. More concerning was the fact that the students have been throwing parties … Read more