COVID-19 Parties – Students Throw Parties To Spread COVID-19

Students From Alabama Throw COVID-19 Parties To Spread The Virus

ALABAMA, USA – College Students who knew they were infected with COVID-19 threw parties with the sole intention of spreading the disease.

According to authorities, the students were from Tuscaloosa in Alabama, USA. More concerning was the fact that the students have been throwing parties for the last few weeks.

Currently, the United States still holds its spot as the number 1 coronavirus-hit country with close to 3 million reported cases. However, because of people like these college students, the number isn’t slowing down any time soon.

COVID-19 Parties – Students Throw Parties To Spread COVID-19
Image from: South China Morning Post

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Based on an article from Inquirer, Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith stated:

We had seen over the last few weeks parties going on in the county, or throughout the city and county in several locations where students or kids would come in with known positives.

Furthermore, authorities initially believed that the news were mere rumors. But, upon conducting further investigations, even the local doctor’s offices confirmed the claims and had the same information.

Aside from this, students were also having “competitions” on whoever could get infected with the virus first in “COVID-19 parties”. Moreover, the authorities said the organizers of the events specifically invited those who were infected.

The sickening and life threatening event had a “pot money”. Afterward, whoever would get COVID-19 first would take the prize.

As of writing, there had been over 10 million cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide. Of that number, over 500,000 have already succumbed to the deadly disease.

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