Coronavirus Deaths Could Reach 1.8 Million Says Study

Coronavirus Deaths Could Top 1.8 Million Even With Countermeasures Against It CORONAVIRUS DEATHS – The coronavirus pandemic has affected millions with over 500,000 people infected worldwide. As the number of infected begin to decline in China, countries such as the United States, Italy, and Spain have seen significant spikes. Currently, Italy is still the most … Read more

COVID-19 In Italy: 99% Of Deaths Had Other Illnesses

Health Authorities From Italy Says 99% OF COVID-19 Fatalities Had Other Illnesses COVID-19 IN ITALY – As the number of cases finally appear to dwindle in China, things are getting worse in Italy. Recently, health authorities reported 475 new fatalities due to COVID-19. This is the highest recorded number of deaths to be recorded in … Read more

COVID-19 Death Toll Update: List Of Countries With Deaths & Cases

COVID-19 Death Toll Update: Over 90,000 Infected, More Than 3,000 Deaths COVID-19 DEATH TOLL UPDATE – The global death toll for the new coronavirus had reached new heights as it passed 3,000. The majority of the cases and deaths come from mainland China. However, countries such as Korea, Italy, Japan, and Iran, showed a rapid … Read more

COVID-19 Death Toll Spikes To 2,000 – Philippine News

Death Toll For Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reaches 2,000 COVID-19 DEATH TOLL – According to health authorities in China, the death toll for the new coronavirus strain had jumped to 2,000 on Wednesday. In Hubei province, the epicenter of the virus outbreak, an additional 132 more people had died. Along with this, over 1,693 new cases … Read more

Coronavirus Deaths Over 1500 In China – Philippine News

Coronavirus Deaths Reaches Over 1500 In Mainland China CORONAVIRUS DEATHS OVER 1500 – The number of confirmed deaths due to the coronavirus outbreak in China continued to rise. Health authorities from China had reported over 139 more fatalities due to COVID-19. Along with this, more than 2,420 new cases have been confirmed. With this, more … Read more

Unscrupulous Chinese Woman Got Arrested for Spitting Saliva on Lift Buttons

Unscrupulous Chinese Woman Got Arrested for Spitting on Elevator Buttons Another unscrupulous activity of a Chinese woman deliberately spits on elevator buttons after making herself from the contract. Amidst the deadly COVID-19, everyone is trying to adopt their best hygiene habits to keep them away from contracting the virus. Health officials recommend to wear a … Read more

Coronavirus Death Toll Doubles In Hubei Province (Updates)

Coronavirus Death Toll More Than Doubles, Over 60,000 Infected CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL DOUBLES – The deaths caused by the Wuhan coronavirus had seen its biggest spike yet. Yesterday, China recorded its biggest death toll yet with over 108 deaths in a single day. However, that number more than doubled today with over 242 deaths confirmed … Read more