COVID-19 Key Symptoms: British Scientists’ Study Revealed Information

Coronavirus Update

A British scientists’ study revealed the COVID-19 key symptoms COVID-19 Key Symptoms – A study of British scientists revealed the key symptoms of novel coronavirus disease 2019. Based on the information from the World Health Organization (WHO), the main symptoms of COVID-19 infected patients are: cough fever tiredness difficulty breathing (severe cases) In some cases, … Read more

Coronavirus Tips: Using Cloth Face Masks Is Useless versus 2019-nCoV

Coronavirus Tips

Amid outbreak, coronavirus tips: cloth face mask is useless versus novel coronavirus. CORONAVIRUS TIPS – Amid the coronavirus scare and outbreak worldwide, experts say that wearing of cloth face masks is useless against the virus. The first confirmed case of the nCoV in the Philippines has been recorded and now it is down on its third … Read more

HIV Drugs Might Help Fight 2019 Novel Coronavirus


HIV Drugs May Be Able To Treat Severe Cases Of Coronavirus HIV DRUGS – A combination of flu and HIV drugs might be able to treat severe cases of 2019 novel coronavirus. The 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV) was first recorded in Wuhan City, China. The deadly virus is suspected to have rooted in the bat … Read more

PH nCoV CASE: Famous Celebrities Express Comments On First Confirmed Case

PH nCoV Case

Famous artists have these reactions over the first PH nCoV case. PH nCoV CASE – These famous celebrities have these various reactions after the first positive infected case of nCoV virus have been confirmed yesterday. The first case of 2019 novel coronavirus in the Philippines have been confirmed in the Philippines in a 38-year-old Chinese patient who … Read more

Coronavirus Vaccine – Jack Ma Donates £11-Million To Develop Vaccine

Coronavirus Vaccine

Jack Ma donates this whopping amount for scientists to develop Coronavirus vaccine amid alarming outbreak. CORONAVIRUS VACCINE – China’s richest man, Jack Ma, gives out a whopping amount of £11-Million for scientists to develop the vaccine. Based on a previous article, the Coronavirus which started from Wuhan, China has now affected countries such as United … Read more