Coronavirus Vaccine – Jack Ma Donates £11-Million To Develop Vaccine

Jack Ma donates this whopping amount for scientists to develop Coronavirus vaccine amid alarming outbreak.

CORONAVIRUS VACCINE – China’s richest man, Jack Ma, gives out a whopping amount of £11-Million for scientists to develop the vaccine.

Based on a previous article, the Coronavirus which started from Wuhan, China has now affected countries such as United States, France, Germany, Nepal, Hong Kong, and Austalia. In the country, there are at least 23 suspected cases of novel coronavirus as per Department of Health (DOH).

Coronavirus Vaccine

In China, there have been over 7,000 confirmed cases of the virus of which, 170, the least, have died due to it. How contagious is this virus? According to an epidemiologist from Harvard, it scored 3.8 in the reproductive R0 value which means that it is “thermonuclear pandemic level bad”.

To recall, SARS, a coronavirus from Beijing, China affected 29 countries, infected 8,096 people, and killed 774 persons. This record was surpassed by 2019-nCoV.

With the alarming state of this virus affecting countries and people gradually, richest man of China, Jack Ma, donated £11-million for scientists to develop a vaccine to combat the new strain deadly virus where £4.4 million of which will equally split into half and go to Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering to create the inoculation. And the rest will be allotted to staff of research and scientific establishments in China and in around the world control and prevent the spread of virus as per Daily Mail.

Coronavirus Vaccine

£11-million is $14.4-million or approximately 729,918,406.80 in Philippine peso. Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, politician, and philanthropist. He founded the e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba and generously donated such huge amount as the virus has gradually accelerated in terms of affected people, affected countries, and deaths.

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