Moira dela Torre Fake Statement About Shaira-Lenka Issue, Cornerstone Warns Public

moira dela torre

Moira dela Torre is a victim of this fake post Cornerstone Entertainment, the management company that is handling the career of singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre, slammed these fake statements. Moira is one of the latest subjects of fake statements circulating on Facebook. Many celebrities have been featured in a supposed “quoted statement” that caught the … Read more

Sam Milby, Catriona Gray Breakup Rumors: Cornerstone Releases Statement

sam milby catriona gray

Sam Milby and Catriona Gray’s management released a statement on their relationship Cornerstone Entertainment released a statement on rumors surrounding the relationship between celebrity couple Sam Milby and Catriona Gray. Rumors surfaced that Catriona and Sam’s relationship was on the rocks when netizens noticed that the Miss Universe 2018 was not wearing her engagement ring. … Read more

Kris Aquino Son Bimby To Pursue Showbiz Career

Bimby, the son of Kris Aquino is preparing for a new chapter Celebrity Bimby Aquino, the son of Queen of all Media Kris Aquino, is set to pursue his showbiz career. Kris started her career in the entertainment industry when she was still young. From doing acting projects, she rose as one of the sought-after … Read more

Cornerstone Entertainment VP Defends Moira Dela Torre vs Accusations

Cornerstone Entertainment VP Speaks on Accusations Against Moira Dela Torre The Vice President of Cornerstone Entertainment defends singer Moira Dela Torre against accusations thrown at her. An executive at Cornerstone Entertainment also spoke out on Facebook against what he called Moira Dela Torre’s slander. Jeff Vadillo stated that he will not allow Moira’s integrity, whom … Read more

VIDEO: Piolo Pascual Went Swimming W/ Giant Whale Sharks

Piolo Pascual, Whale Sharks

Here’s Piolo Pascual’s Video Swimming W/ Giant Whale Sharks PIOLO PASCUAL – Here’s a stunning video of Piolo Pascual swimming underwater with whale sharks. The experience of swimming with whale sharks is undoubtedly one on the vacation wish list. A close-up encounter with these gentle giants is one of the most amazing experiences you can … Read more