Moira dela Torre Fake Statement About Shaira-Lenka Issue, Cornerstone Warns Public

Moira dela Torre is a victim of this fake post

Cornerstone Entertainment, the management company that is handling the career of singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre, slammed these fake statements.

Moira is one of the latest subjects of fake statements circulating on Facebook. Many celebrities have been featured in a supposed “quoted statement” that caught the attention of netizens.

A fake quoted statement on Facebook claimed that Moira has these words against viral singer Shaira regarding the copyright issue with Lenka.

moira dela torre
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Here’s the fake statement attributed to Moira dela Torre:

“FYI guys, si Lenka po ang original na kumanta hindi po si Shaira tempered glass, bakit ang hilig niyo i-tolerate yung mali?! Alam niyo ng mali yun pa yung pinapanigan niyo, kung tayo nga nagagalit na inaangkin ng ibang bansa yung lugar natin, diba so dapat nakaka-relate tayo kay Lenka, pero bakit ang ending si Shaira ang tama at yung original ang mali.”

In line with this issue, Cornerstone Entertainment released an official statement debunking this claim against their talent.

The talent management company asked the public to refrain from engaging in this kind of fake posts. “We ask the public to refrain from sharing the fake Moira quote that is currently circulating on social media,” Cornerstone stated.

In this clarification post, Cornerstone also included what Moira really said about the copyright issue.

We just really need to do what’s right and to credit the people that need to be credited. Madami po kasing hindi din educated sa…sa mga copyright. My advice for people who want to take on…to take on this industry is really just be always willing to listen, always willing to learn,” the singer-songwriter said.

With this action that Cornerstone did to prevent the spread of the fake statement, netizens commended the talent management company for defending its artist while some condemned those who initiated and believed that fake statement.

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