Viral Beki Issues Public Apology After Hurting Grandma for Content

Viral Beki

Netizens Criticize Viral Beki After Releasing Public Apology for Hurting Grandma Viral beki has issued a public apology after hurting his grandma for content after receiving negative feedback online. Earlier this week, a beki teenager named Cyrel Jay Padel becomes one of the most controversial personalities online after he slapped a grandma for video content. … Read more

TikTok User Forced Mother to Do Household Chores for Content Criticized

TikTok User Earns Criticisms After He Forced His Mother Do Household Chores The online community chastised the narcissist TikTok user who forced and order her mother to do all household chores despite being a son. The user was identified as Nimrod Yayong Carilla, an aspiring vlogger and uses the media streaming platform TikTok where he … Read more

Arrogant Vlogger Defames Street Vendors for Views Earned Criticisms

Arrogant Vlogger Criticized Online After He Defames Street Vendors The online community is enraged after an arrogant vlogger defames street vendors selling fruits, claiming that they are uneducated citizens. Netizens lambasted the vlogger uploading videos on the media streaming platform “TikTok” after his latest upload catches attention online. A TikTok user is known as “Madam … Read more