LJ Satterfield Says Relationship w/ Boy Tapang ‘Only for Content’: “Palagi mo kong binabastos sa vlogs natin”

LJ Satterfield Reiterates “Palagi mo kong binabastos sa vlogs natin” During Tandem w/ Boy Tapang

The social media influencer LJ Satterfield admitted that her relationship with fellow vlogger Boy Tapang is only for content.

Ronnie Suan, popularly known as ‘Boy Tapang’, and LJ Satterfield made a buzz online because of their ‘bardagulan’ on social media. The celebrity couple shocked the public after admitting that their relationship is solely for content creation.

LJ, in her Facebook post, stated that although her relationship with Ronnie was only for show, the influencer insisted that she did her part in convincing their followers.

LJ Satterfield

Satterfield also mentioned that she trusted Ronnie and allowed him to guide her in becoming a content creator. She further asserted that pretending to be in a relationship was a common practice among influencers like themselves.

Additionally, LJ claimed that she protected Ronnie and defended him from controversies due to his real character. The lady vlogger also expressed feeling disrespected by the jokes made about Ronnie in their videos, despite her participation in the “no bra challenge” in the past.

“Palagi mo ako ginagawan ng green jokes at pansin yan ng commenters. palagi mo ako binabastos sa vlogs natin pero I always keep my cool para lng maganda ang content,” Satterfield said.

LJ Satterfield

The female vlogger clarified that she would never engage in a romantic relationship with Ronnie. She also claimed that Suan has no sense of right and wrong.

Dahil palagi nyong kinakampihan at palagi kayong one sided.. wala ng magsasabi na hoy mali yan, she added.

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LJ Satterfield

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